About The vital role of water in the sustenance of life and environmental health is well recognized, but throughout the planet the issues affecting the availability and the state of water resources cause a severe concern. The growing demand due to increasing urbanization, agricultural activities and industrial operations pressurizes the limited water supply of the planet. One of the serious implications of the unsustainable use of water resources is the loss of wetlands and aquatic systems which play a decisive role in the conservation of biodiversity. A holistic approach that balances the competing demands for water in various sectors, therefore, is essential in achieving the efficient, equitable and environmentally sustainable use of their water resources. Chemical Process in the marine realm has a profound impact on key aspects of the environment while providing the tools to study other fundamental properties. Thus, ocean chemistry is among the most interdisciplinary of marine sciences, the greater linkage is recommended to other oceanographic and material science disciplines. Various reports of UNDP indicate that India faces a turbulent water future as demand for India’s water is expected to exceed all its sources of supply. The precarious balance between growing demands and supplies bring forth the importance of maintaining the quality of both surface and groundwater. This conference will review the latest developments in science and technology of water chemistry with specific reference to the water resources and its management requirements of India





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